Home Beauty hacks to get Radiant and Glowing Skin | Home Remedy

Is beautiful and glowing skin is too much to ask for? Not really, if you can work on it. Sooner or later every appropriate effort will give you a positive result on your outlook and here are some small and great #beautyhacks for you. Beauty is not just what you apply on the #skin more than that it depends on your eating habits and thinking zone. So be careful about what you eating and thinking of. Staying #stressfree is one of the reasons for having great skin texture.

1. Chickpea flour with Water

Use chickpea flour (chana ka atta) with water and massage it on your skin. Rinse it off with water to clear BlackHeads in just 5 Minutes.

Further, take a towel dip it in lukewarm water and rest it on the skin for a minute. It will soften the skin and the #blackheads will come out easily.

2. Lemon with Virgin Coconut oil

Just by massaging 5 drops of coconut oil with 3 drops of lemon juice for 1 or 2 minutes in a day helps to make skin fair, reduce the dark spots. Also, help to get rid of uneven skin tone.

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3. Virgin coconut oil

Apply 3 drops of coconut oil on face before going to sleep will give you bright and healthy skin. Do it every night in winters and on alternate days in summers. Coconut oil is only virgin coconut oil which is suitable for cooking and skin appropriate not coconut hair oil.

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4. The remedy of Strawberry Legs

Mix 1 teaspoon of coffee with 1 teaspoon of crushed sugar and enough yogurt to make a paste. Scrub and massage it gently for 5 minutes then wash it off. It's an instant and easy to apply exfoliator which helps to get rid of small dots after waxing or you can say strawberry legs.

5. Amla Juice and Turmeric (Haldi)

Not just apply but also intake. Take 3 spoons of amla juice (homemade or readymade) and a pinch of turmeric in it. Mix it and take the shot every morning empty stomach. It rejuvenates your skin internally and makes your skin more breathable and fresh. You can use readymade Patanjali Amla Juice, also you can mix it with Aloe vera juice. It's a bit sour in taste, so better if you take it as shot, not as a sip.

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6. Saffron (Kesar) water

Have a cup of hot saffron water after a shot of Amla juice. It will beautify your skin plus will soothe your throat. As amla juice is a bit sour and will affect your throat. Drinking saffron water can improve the skin's texture, lighten it naturally, and also take care of acne scars and other blemishes. Drinking saffron water (Kesar ka paani) in the morning can be a good thing, especially for those who need their caffeine fix.

7. Lemon, sugar, and Colgate

Remove extra oil and clarify your skin and have a feel of firm, natural, and dazzling skin. Just dab various tips of the Colgate (not all toothpaste) on your face. Cut Lemon in half put the sugar on half lemon and rub it on your face gently almost for 2 minutes. And wash with water and get a fresh look. You will instantly feel the freshness as your skin start breathing.

Try all these remedies at home and share the results. Also, you can check out our skincare products blog for after-effects and protect your skin.