How Yoga can help you manage your diabetes

Diabetes, when we heard it what circulates in our mind "Tablets". When I talk to people they say lifetime medicine and #fatigue for body coz there is no cure. You have to take medicine to survive #diabetes. And I thought why? Why can't yoga be a reason of healing Diabetes?

In the first place, we have to clarify what type of diabetes we suffering from. Yes, all of the diabetes is not the same and so does their solution. Different kinds of diabetes can occur, and the management of the disease totally depends on their type. Every diabetic is not just inherited, age effects, overweight, or leading a dull lifestyle. In some cases, it is present from childhood and sometimes at pregnancy period (most of the time it's temporary but sometimes become permanent too)

But nothing is permanent dear, So as diabetes. When we all know Yoga is doing marvelous in curing and managing diseases. When it can help in cancer patients then why can't we manage diabetes with the help of yoga and right asanas?

What yoga does to Diabetic Patients

#Yoga is not just a #stressreliever but helpful in regenerate pancreatic cells, improves blood circulation, work on insulin sensitivity, and more. Which is essential to work upon to improve their diabetic condition. Studies have shown the effects of assimilating yoga in a proper way will help you manage your sugar levels.

It can even help diabetics on a fundamental level by calming the mind and integrating it with the body. If people undergo and practice yoga on a daily basis, they surely get benefits not just for diabetes but for other issues like Digestion, Blood Circulation, and low immunity. The Chronicle illness does get a solution from yoga practice. Yoga asanas enhance the function of neurological and endocrine organs as well.

Easy Yoga Pose to manage Diabetes

- Hero pose (Virasana): Cross-legged meditation #asana, helps you indigestion and

healing form of your tired legs. Practicing this pose other than

exercising sessions, you can do this after having a meal. Just sit 10 min in this posture and you will feel the change on your own.

- Child's Pose (Balsana): Resting position in a stretching way,

A child's yoga pose helps to stretch the lower portion like hips, thighs, and ankles while reducing stress and fatigue in the most appropriate way. Being flexible is every person's needs and demands too. So keep stretching yourself and stay stress-free.

- Upward Dog (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana): Lift yourself up and open your chest. It's a therapy for asthma patients as well. Muscles used in this yoga pose are gluteus maximus, triceps brachii, spinal extensor, quadriceps, hamstrings. It helps in stimulating abdominal organ, build up your arm strength and most of don't know it also reduce your double chin when you try to stretch your neck backward.

- Camel Pose (Ustrasana): Stretching abdominal intestine will free you from constipation and while moving backward and touching your heels will vigor your spinal cord and try to end-up your backache. Along with double chin therapy, it will help you in managing your thyroid issue too.

- Reclining bound angle pose (Dandasana): With extended legs on your mat and band your knee sidewise and touch your feet sole together. It gave positively affects your bladder, kidneys and may help lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels. This posture will help calm your nervous system.

- Plow pose (Halasana): Stimulates the abdominal organs and the thyroid gland with Stretching shoulders and spine. Also, helps relieve the symptoms of menopause. Placing feet on the floor and keeping your hands on the back you can perform this asana. By worked upon various muscules like pelvic muscles, lower back front torso, and hamstrings it boost the energy, increases circulation, and lower blood sugar levels.

- Corpse Pose (Shavasana): Final relaxation pose at the end of the yoga session. It is a best practice of yoga Nidra meditation. It also generates peace and calm vibes in your mind. To perform Shavasana, lie on the back with the legs spread as wide as the yoga matt and relax your arms by side, with closed eyes. The whole body is relaxed on the floor and feel the breath as it comes in and out.

Need to take care of

Improve the quality of life and your living standards by just adding some yoga sessions in your daily routine and you will feel the change in your inner self. If you are a beginner and have less knowledge about yoga. Be sure to ask or consult your doctor and they will let you know about the need and risk as per your body needs.

Don't overdo sessions in starting, just start with 10 to 15 minutes in a day and later increase the time limit. Stay hassle-free to ask any questions about your posture or your body issues to the concern one coz it's all about your body in which you live in. And we will wish for your well being by staying #healthy and staying #happy.

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