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Whether fitness freak or not, people want to have a good body (a lean body) (a well-structured body). What's your choice of body type?

In every way, people want to get rid of their fat. Especially the tummy fat and the butts fat. But dieting is a big question mark for working on it.

And in my experience dieting actually cause you weakness instead of just a better body if you are doing at home without any trainer or diet plan.

Those who don't have much time to work on their diet plans and workout sessions can do these followings thing to get a better body shape, #loseweight and healthy body. And no matter what your body shape and size is, don't feel inferior or low. Be proud of what you have and try to improvise it instead of hiding and feeling ashamed of it.

A better life is moving life

The best life is Happy Life.

1. Be patient: Before following all the tips you have to be patient while doing this. Surely you are not doing a much bigger effort but making your daily routine a healthy one. So do it with a calm and patient mind.

2. Take at least 8 hours of sleep: People who get around eight hours of sleep a night and reduce their stress levels have double the chance of slimming down, it continued. It helps your brain and your system to restore your energy, so you can spend it in many great and healthy ways.

3. Add workout hour: Whether it's walking, running, cycling, swimming, aerobics, yoga. Find the best and suitable hobby and daily job for you especially in the morning. Morning workouts in the fresh air are magical & it surpasses your mood which keeps you motivated.

4. At least 8 glass of water: Take charge of water quantity you intake. Start your morning with warm water and later as per season. Try not to intake chilled water in summers. Don't take excess warm water too in summers as it may have acne issues. It helps to keep your skin oxidized.

5. Reduce sugary Products: While I am saying reduce please don't cut it out as you need sugar too to keep your body active and energized. Because sugar gives you glucose which is very important for the body. Abandoning sugar will surely give results of weight loss but also give you dull skin, low-energized, and fatigue which is never the goal. The brain requires around 130 grams of sugar (glucose) per day to keep functioning. So, reduce it if you are a sweet lover but don't give up on it.

6. Add Black coffee & Apple: We heard it from our childhood "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" is not a myth actually. Try to include apple in the morning at the empty stomach and Black coffee - a powerhouse of antioxidants. But include coffee in mid-morning and early afternoon. Don't take it empty stomach, it may cause anxiety, stomach lining, and indigestion. Black coffee is a major source of weight loss but at the right time.

7. Have a rich fruits and veggies diet: Along with the food you are having thrice a day when you add fruit chats, mix veggies in your diet. You automatically reduce the meal diet. Also, include salads, raita, lassi in your meals which keeps you filled while eating less.

8. Surround yourself with Happy and positivity: Whether you believe it or not they are indirect ways to keep you healthy. If you are mentally healthy then surely it reflects on your physical standards. Keep yourself busy in work, creativity, laugh therapy, happy memories. And feed your mind with positivity with quotes, positive peoples, videos, near & dear ones who give energized and positive vibes to you.

So these are tiny things to help you stay healthy and happy. We will bring some more prospects from our experience in our next post. Hope you like it. Stay Happy & Healthy.

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