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There was a time when we only spoke out and adore English web series. Now the platform changes for Indian as well. Undoubtedly, we embracing Indian web series culture and platform. Accessing content from various web platforms is not free for sure but some will definitely give you the quality content + 100% entertainment for free too. As platform popularity increases, So as there paying plans and at some intervals they worth watching. Here's a list of few latest ongoing Indian web series worth to watch and you will eagerly wait for the next part.

1. Aashram: Starring Bobby Deol, Ashram is a crime drama web-series available on MX-Player original. Really good content is available on a free App which describes the inside structure of fraud saints(Baaba Ji). How the system involved in their wrongdoings, harassing, and astray people. Marvelous performance of Bobby Deol after a long time. A name surely will emerge in your mind while watching the series on whom it based. People don't want to involve in criticism by naming anybody as Andhbhakhts are still there.

On the basis of entertainment, Web series justified each and every suspense and clause and perfectly showing how it flows. Aasharam is totally engrossing and worth your time. Folk is waiting for part-2 as the trailer is out for part-2 and seems too much entertainment and thrill which is expected to release in March 2021.

2. Hostages 2: Though season 1 is slow drama web series and a very well-knit thriller where Ronit Roy and Tisca Chopra play the main protagonists, and they have done an outstanding job. Succeeding with chapter 2 is quite confusing and too much of arrows are floating. The pace of season 2 as fast as various stories running simultaneously. The overall experience is good. You will surely like it if you are not a pedantic person as too many loopholes and why and how's are there.

Tremendous performance by Ronit Roy and the co-actors but not sure about Dino Moreo (playing negative character admirably) but why's implementation is a bit poor. Be slipshod and enjoy the series.

3. Aarya: Not the latest one; starring by dashing Sushmita sen, A protective, bold and independent mother and a loving wife. Her outrageous, exuberant, top-notch acting skills make her character super energized. Story of 4 best friends and their families getting involved in a drug syndicate. Story of being blackmailed, betrayal, loss of blood, family values, and taking care of your family anyhow shows everything is fair when it's all about your children. And a never forgetting dialogue by Sushmita Sen "Kai baar baat sahi aur galat ki nahi. Jyada galat aur kam galat ki hoti hai" These lines take my senses to another one. Maybe you can relate it to you too. A must watch web series if you are an entertainment lover.

4. Bebaakee: Now this is the time for some Love stories. A new love story launched by Ekta Kapoor on AltBalaji screen starring Kushal Tandon, Shiv Jyoti Rajput and Karan Jotwani's. After fitrat, dil hi toh hai, kehne ko humsafar hain, Bewafa si wafa and many more two best friends entangled in a love triangle. The story is as usual involves love, romance, hate, ego, passion, intimacy. Only 10 Episodes are out only and the only base is made in these episodes rest the main story is unrevealed yet and you have to wait for the next episodes to enjoy that.

The problem with AltBalaji is launching a few episodes or sometimes forget to make new seasons of the existing one which they halted at to be continued which makes folk disinterest to watch these web series.

5. Broken But Beautiful: Undoubtedly, Madly in love with both the season yet. This love story is fiction but as practical in some senses. When people will relatable they surely love it. Again Altbalaji web series which they launched and completed at the right pace. Now they are coming up with a new story and cast, hope it fulfills people's expectations as they showed in previous seasons. If you are a LOVE Story maniac and you haven't watched these yet please set yourself on your couch and watch it. Along with Amazing songs Broken but Beautiful made a special place in people's hearts. Fingers crossed for Season 3.

Some more recommendations but not briefing it. You can add these in your Watchlist too: Taj Mahal 1989 (Netflix), Typewriter (Horror) (Netflix), Bandish Bandits (Amazon prime), Bhaukaal (Mx Player), Soulmates (YouTube), And forever favorite short film Khamakha.

You can add your fav. web series too. We would love to hear your recommendations too. Stay tuned for new updates and Blogs.

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