Summer Beauty essentials within your Budget | Skincare Products under Rs.250/- Only

No matter what (indoor or outdoor), your skin needs to feed essential nutrients as your body needs the food. And summers, where you need to protect yourself from tanning, acne, dust, stickiness, and more is a tough task and especially when some effective beauty products are expensive then you imagine and going to salons and spas are sumptuous also dangerous in this virus time. So, here are some of the best summer beauty essentials for your skin which give a fresh and energized look without spending much on a skincare product.

1. Facewash- Start your day and reenergized yourself with a refreshing wash of your face. Cure your summer #beauty blues with these mention #facewashes. Grab them from nearby stores or just order online. Look at the products and choose what clicks you most.

  • Jovees charcoal face wash: #Jovees Herbal Activated Charcoal Detoxifying Face Wash. It unclogs pores and removes deeper impurities & dead skin cells. Removes extra oil and dead skin. Also, the aroma of the facewash is aligned it differently. You can get it from Rs. 130 to 250 depending on size. You can order it from its official website as well as a popular website that delivers original products like Nykaa, Jovees, and more.

  • Mamaearth Face Wash: Various range of #mamaearth facewash is quite good and economical but which I choose to go with is "Mamaearth Tea tree Face wash with tea tree and neem". You can try others too as per your skin requirement and skin-compatible type. Mamaearth facewash balances the production of excessive sebum and helps in prevents clogging the pores. You can buy this just in Rs. 249 at Vanity wagon, Myntra, Nykaa.

  • Organic Harvest: Organic Harvest offering 6-In-1 sulphate free Facewash. It gives complete nourishment and glowing skin with its wide organic nutrients. Grab it by ordering online at Vanity wagon ranges between Rs. 144 to 250/-

  • Cetaphil: A doctor's approved skin treatment for your damaged and acne skin. #cetaphil is a remedy for pimples on your face. Buy it in a range of Rs.200 to Rs. 250/- from Nykaa or Medlife.

2. Day Cream- Most of people don't understand the value of day cream especially in summers. They think if they have oily skin they won't need to apply face cream and some have issues of having stickiness and darkness on their face just after applying face cream in summers. So for you people, these will not disappoint you.

Summer Beauty Essentials
  • Jovees Fairness Lotion with UV protection: It's a fairness lotion cum sunscreen having properties to protect skin from harmful effects of sun rays and also a spark on your face. It will cost you just Rs. 250/- with SPF 25 is a good deal. Also, you can mix this with your fav. foundation or BB and CC cream. And burn the world with your sparkling look. Available near your cosmetic store and at Nykaa, Jovees.

  • Biotique Advanced Ayurveda: #Biotique Advanced Ayurveda Bio Carrot with 40+ SPF ultra-soothing face lotion. Biotique products are organically pure as well as preservative-free. I suggest you, apply it with mixing up with a normal lotion it would be highly effective which costs you just Rs. 115 only.

  • Lacto Calamine Oil Balance: All-time favorite applicable 12 months. A blessing to your skin with no extra effort to your look. Your skin will glow more and more as it absorbs within your skin. At first, glance maybe you won't find it result-oriented and sticky a little but after 1 hour it naturally gives you a radiant look with attractive skin tone i.e. hard to take eyes off. Grab 120 ml bottle in just Rs. 198/- from Nykaa Tip-Mix #Lactocalamine with Jovees fairness lotion when you go out

  • Ponds BB Cream: Ponds BB cream is LOVE for all occasions from a birthday party to the marriage party. No makeup look with Sparkling radiant look #PondsBB cream give me that feel. After 20 min of applying this cream would give you a satisfactory result. Maybe you could choose no makeup for further parties. As it intensifies your original beauty rather than an artificial makeup look. Get the small pack of 18g in just Rs.120/- Approx.

3. Lipcare- When your whole face is vitalized, Now it's all about your lips who unknowingly grab the attention and become a turn-on and instant turn-off too.

  • Khadi Lip balm: In just cost of Rs. 99/- your whole summer lip care will be done with this exclusive lip balm. The softness and soothing little fragrance will instantly click your mind to try it up.

  • Nykaa Nude shades: Nykaa so matte! mini! Lipstick, Long-lasting textured lipstick with wide nude shades in just Rs.200/- A worthy pout stroke on your lips. Intense colors enriched with vitamin-E. So smash your look with cute to sexy lips. Click here to choose your shade.

4. Body lotion- As important as your face skin is your body care is equally important.

  • Nivea extra whitening: Keeps your body skin moisturized and soft by applying Nivea Extra Whitening Cell Repair Body Lotion SPF 15. Buy 200 ml of #Nivea #bodylotion in just Rs. 249/- Whitening your body tone is not surely applicable but it keeps your skin hydrated that's for sure.

  • Himalaya Aloe & Cucumber Refreshing Moisturizer: Aloe vera and cucumber extract Himalaya body ointment will give your skin a cool and fresh feeling in just Rs. 140/- for 200ml. This body moisturizer for sum works well during summers keeps the skin cool and fresh and smells good.

5. Night Cream- The best time to repair your skin is while sleeping. Giving rest to your skin is itself a natural process but giving it appropriate nutrients is add on. A #nightcream will help and ensures that your skin has an even complexion along with having a finer skin texture.

  • Himalaya Night cream: Himalaya Unisex REVITALIZING NIGHT CREAM combination of essential vitamins and essential oils and herbs. After using this for 1 week you feel the change by yourself. It repairs your skin Layer by layer, Gets it between Rs. 228 to Rs.260/- depends on discounts available.

  • Jovees Night Cream: Jovees Revitalising Night Cream AVOCADO, A fresh aroma AVOCADO repairs the skin cells at their highest while we are sleeping. Enhance the circulation of oxygen and blood and redefines skin texture and clarity. Price variation on every platform, I bought it for Rs. 230/- Now Available on Nykaa at Rs.256/- (discount vary) official pricing is Rs.320/-

So, This is the List of beauty essentials with the price they have and all are under Rs.250/- approx. And this is not at all bad deal guys. Want to know more about some other product write in comments and we will get back to you. And if you want to add on some skincare products of your choice, Feel happy to write in the comment box.


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